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Sync, Backup, and Update Your BlackBerry Device with BlackBerry Desktop Software 6.1

This method requires Sport Loader version 1.104 or higher. With this method, you connect your System 6 directly to a network connection to the Internet via its Ethernet port. The System 6 will update to the latest versions of the software that you have purchased.

bb desktop software download 6.1

NXP delivers a highly flexible, market-focused development tools with an evaluation kit (EVK) based on the i.MX 6UltraLite applications processor. The i.MX 6UltraLite processor is the first device in the i.MX product line to have a single Arm Cortex-A7 core operating at speeds of up to 696 MHz. This EVK enables an LCD display and audio playback as well as many connectivity options. It is designed to showcase the most commonly used features of the processor in a small, low cost package and to facilitate software development with the ultimate goal of faster time to market through the support of the Linux operating system.

The following list indicates the latest revisions available for all of our instruments. Please contact the factory before loading a newer version on your instrument to insure compatibility.ALARM MANAGEMENT -Series 90A/AN-3100D Configuration Software: CSM with 1msec SER 7.4.1CSM with 4msec SER 8.4.2Communication Board 10.00Configuration Software -Series 90B/AN-3200CSM with 1msec SER: 7.5.1CSM with 4msec SER 8.5.1Communication Board 11.03Configuration Software -Series 100/AN-6100CConfiguration Software: Revision 4.1 -DMS-3KCommunication Board 06.02Main Board 4.0.5FAULT RECORDERS -Breaker TesterBT-100 software - 1300-530 BT-100 unit - 1.01 firmware -DMS-2000 RTU08 AAU04 DCU13 AOPDCU07 KD485 MBDCU206 -Display Station DS32 - INSTALL 3.1.57_2A version -DL8000 Internal firmware - 2.29 -DL-9000 Internal firmware - 6.07 -Meridian PC Software Meridian PC Software - 2.1 (Build 2030) -Meridian Power Quality Analyzer Meridian Firmware - 2.0 (Build 2011) -Meridian Quatro Quatro Firmware - 2.09 -TR100 Internal firmware 2.29 Internal Firmware (current CPU ISA1620) 2.28 -TR100+Internal firmware (ACQ card 1079-262) - 1.14 Internal firmware (ACQ card 1086-745) - 1.33Internal Firmware - CPU - 1.39 -TR1600 TR-1620 Bemoulli - 6.7 (1300-062) firmware TR-1620 Harddrive- 6.6 (1300-063) firmware TR-1630 unit - 6.6 (1072-588) firmware TR-1640 unit - 6.6 firmware TR-1650 unit- 6.5 (1074-827) firmware ECIP-20 unit - 6.6 firmware ECIP-30 unit - 6.6 firmware TR1625 software - Version 6.73B -TR2000 Internal firmware - 6.07 -TR3000Display Station Software - Install 3.1.57_2A Version -Ci20Ci20 Meter Firmware - 01.03.07Ci20 Metrology Firmware - 0.U Ci20 Flash Loader 2.20JEMWARE Programming Software - - For use with all JEMSTAR & Ci20 Meters JEMREAD Data Retrieval Software - - For use with all JEMSTAR & Ci20 meters -JEM 1 EXJSET - 3.29 EXJ Register Firmware - 2.24.01 Standard Version -JEM 10 JEMSET2 - 3.22.01 JEM 10 Meter Firmware - 3.25.01 -JEMSTAR JEMStar Meter Firmware - 03.03.06 - For meters with metrology firmware version 0.P or earlier JEMStar Meter Firmware - 04.04.06 - For meters with metrology firmware version 0.R or later JEMStar Metrology Firmware - 0.U JEMWARE Programming Software - - For use with all JEMSTAR & Ci20 metersJEMREAD Data Retrieval Software - - For use with all JEMSTAR & Ci20 meters Ethernet Firmware - 0.07JEMStar Flash Loader 1.21 -JEMSTAR IIJEMStar ll Metrology 1.KJEMStar ll Service 5.5.4JEMStar ll Register 6.5.4JEMStar ll Power Quality 9.DJEMStar ll FPGA 4.9.6JEMWARE ll Configuration Software 2.5.4JEMREAD Software LINE CARRIER -UPLC and UPLC-II (with hardware rev. 13 or lower Transceiver board)Internal PPC Firmware - 4.06(SHA-256 Hash Code = c510802e36bd496d70a833b6d42a3b114a476598f566ced911456a008de39f8e) -UPLC-II (with hardware rev. 16 or higher Transceiver board)Internal PPC Firmware - 5.02(SHA-256 Hash Code = f648d17c2defa320c3bcdb4ba45c182bf2077009215ea6132c3fe2687a0c810c)POWER QUALITYPQ&R internal firmware 1.39POWER TRANSDUCERS & LOADLOGGERS -DPMS Transducer DPMS Metrology Firmware - 1.8 DPMS Remote Display Firmware - 2.1 -DPMS-PM Transducer DPMS-PM Metrology Firmware - 1.8 DPMSTalk Programming Software - 2.4 SEQUENCE OF EVENT RECORDERS -ISM ISM - ISMComm - 5.40 software for PC. -ALL ISM VERSIONS BELOW ARE FIRMWARE ISM - CIU - TSP - 5.3 firmwareISM - CIU - MCP - 5.7 ISM - TPIOM - 5.2 ISM - Baily - Ver 5.4 ISM - CRT - 5.31 ISM - army ecu - 5.32 ISM - ECU - 5.31 ISM - Fox1A - 5.3 ISM - Fox300 - 5.5 ISM - MIOM card - 5.25 ISM - Parallel card - 5.0 ISM - PRN card - 5.0 ISM - SCM Fiber Optic card - 5.0 ISM Main MCP - 1.2 ISM Secondary (Sub) MCP - 1.11 IPP Pm 5.4 IPP CRT for Ayden CRT - 6.4 IPP CRT for IT802 CRT - 6.2 ISM IPP MST MCP - 1.2S -SERnetCommunication Board 1.06Main Board 2.6.1SIGNAL CONDITIONERSSC-7400 configuration program VER 2.06 WINDOWS 95/98/NT BB FOCUSInternal Firmware 2.05LEGACY FOCUS MV3Configuration Software FCS 3.14Internal Firmware FPH 3.12LEGACY FOCUS MV4Configuration Software FCS 3.14Internal Firmware EPH 4.15.03LEGACY FOCUS MV5Configuration Software FCS 3.14Internal Firmware (T1) FPH 5.15.01Internal Firmware (E1) EPH 5.15.01

Download of BlackBerry Desktop Manager was on the developer's website when we last checked. We cannot confirm if there is a free download of this software available. This free software is an intellectual property of Research In Motion.

This free PC software is developed for Windows 2000/XP/XP Professional/Vista/7/8/10/11 environment, 32-bit version. The following versions: 7.1, 7.0 and 6.1 are the most frequently downloaded ones by the program users. Commonly, this program's installer has the following filenames: Rim.Desktop.exe, DesktopMgr.exe, Redirector.exe, RIMDeviceManager.exe and Rim.Desktop.AutoUpdate.exe etc. The software belongs to Mobile Phone Tools.

You may want to check out more software, such as Blackberry Device Manager, Runecats Desktop Manager or LaCie Desktop Manager, which might be similar to BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

u-center is highly intuitive GNSS evaluation software that is easy to use, personalized, and compatible with leading u-blox technologies. u-center 2, the next generation of the software, supports the u-blox M10 platform, which is designed for asset tracking and wearable devices.

The u-center 2 quick product configuration allows users to define or apply GNSS product configurations for specific use cases. Saving, restoring, or sharing configurations between different products and users is easy. The software supports product evaluation with a choice of views to observe static and dynamic behavior of the connected u-blox GNSS receiver. The software enables easy setup and evaluation of u-blox GNSS services such as AssistNow.

Regular updates of u-center 2 are provided to ensure the software always has the latest functionalities and pre-defined configurations, and to add support for the most recent firmware of u-blox GNSS receivers. The user is informed at startup and can install the update with a single click.

Beginning May 9, 2012, the Windows Mobile 6.x Marketplace service is no longer available. To replace the service Entrust is now hosting the application download; it is the same version previously available through Microsoft, and there is no need to upgrade.

  • The first step is to download Entrust Identity App to your mobile device. It can be found on the Apple App Store, Blackberry World, and Google Play. For non-Apple devices, you may also be able to download Entrust Identity App directly from the organization where you will use it to strongly authenticate online.

  • After you have downloaded the Entrust Identity App, you must activate it and create an Identity. Please consult the website of the organization you wish to use Identity Enterprise with. The organization must have deployed the Identity Enterprise versatile authentication platform to provide this activation.

  • Once you have activated Entrust Identity App, you are ready to use it for strong authentication to online and network resources.

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