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What Can I Buy With Microsoft Points REPACK

There are occasional crumbs hidden away, too. Microsoft Rewards extension for Chrome promises some additional points, and the Bing app for Android used to (that implementation has been broken on my phone for months).

what can i buy with microsoft points

Microsoft Rewards is always in flux, so the value of individual tasks and the total amount of Rewards points available is constantly changing. Sharp-eyed Rewards hawks keep an eye out for discounts on gift cards, stretching your Rewards even further. Special promotions constantly pop up.

There are no commitments or fees for participating. Rather, the program is included in your Microsoft account and only requires you to sign up, stay signed in, and participate in the necessary elements required to earn you points.

Plain and simple, this is a customer rewards program which incentivizes Microsoft customers to remain within its ecosystem. If the customer uses Microsoft products often enough, it can result in free memberships to Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass, or possibly a new product called Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

At my office, we use Windows 10, which comes equipped with Microsoft Edge by default. On my work computer, I use this web browser for my external search needs and Internet Explorer for accessing our intranet website.

Rewards points requires Bing searches. You can earn points using Bing and Microsoft Edge (make sure Bing is the default search engine in Microsoft Edge and this setting is active in your Windows settings), or shopping in the Microsoft Store online from your Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, or Xbox One devices.

Microsoft also offers additional opportunities to earn points from time-to-time and each point-earning offer is not available in perpetuity. Therefore, be sure to check for offers regularly through their marketing e-mails, online, or in your Microsoft Rewards account.

Aside from Microsoft Rewards and the numerous games and activities offered through the program, another popular gaming app allows you to make money while playing video games. The app, called Mistplay, has a simple premise: play games, collect points and exchange them for free gift cards.

The more you play, the more you earn. Discover new games on the platform by visiting your mixlist, choosing a game and start earning points! You can level up to earn points faster, making it easier to get more cash fast.

Additionally, the service offers unit multipliers to earn more points. It is worth trying out games with unit multipliers of 3X and 4X, because this allows you to earn gift cards 8X faster than a game with a 0.5X unit multiplier.

It should be noted rewards points earned in the program have no cash value. However, the points conversion equates to 1 point = $0.001. In other words, if you have 10,000 points, this amounts to $10 worth of eligible rewards discussed below.

Level 2 allows for a higher daily cap on the amounts of daily points you can earn. Remember, Level 1 limits you to 50 points per day. Level 2 is much more generous and allows up to 250 points per day.

Under Level 1, you cap out at 10 searches per day (10 searches x 5 points each), while Level 2 caps you at 50 searches per day (50 searches x 5 points each). These paid searches are crucial for racking up points in the program.

As mentioned above, searching with Bing via Microsoft Edge and Cortana are the quickest ways to earn points redeemable toward prizes. By signing into your Microsoft account and searching on Bing, you put more points on your scoreboard to the tune of 5 points per search.

You will want to level up to Level 2 quickly by maintaining a minimum of 500 points earned each month. This second level allows for higher daily point maximums and ultimately a quicker path toward redemption on something worthwhile.

Level 1 members earn up to 5 points a day (150 points a month), when searching Bing in Microsoft Edge on PC or mobile while Level 2 members earn up to 20 points a day (600 points a month). This combines with the points earned from performing Bing searches.

This works by reaching Level 2 membership. When you make qualifying online purchases at the Microsoft Store as a Level 2 member, you will earn 10 points per dollar spent, plus any applicable bonus points.

Microsoft also offers daily special offers direct from your Rewards page. This can be a lucrative way to earn points on purchases you already intended to make. Be mindful of spending unnecessarily and attempt to stick to your personal budget plan.

The program has daily offers colored with quirky holidays and unique facts. It offers weekly quizzes with trivia and a colorful email series. Finally, the program offers daily quizzes which take you on quick adventures across the internet every day in search of answers.

All of these test your skills and allow you to earn points with fun and easy challenges and do not ask for any personal information. These activities lead the program participant to use Bing search and other Microsoft products regularly, thereby allowing Microsoft to create a stronger product ecosystem.

The primary differentiators on your maximum earning capability boil down to (1) how often you search with Bing and (2) your MS Rewards membership level. Reaching Level 2 is not difficult and can be done in a matter of a few days. To get the most of the program, Level 2 is a necessity.

The minimum payout varies depending on the item being redeemed. Also, the conversion ratio can change with time, availability, and item. For example, some $5 gift cards cost 6,500 points while others can cost 4,800 points (a 1,700 point differential).

If you have trouble seeing an accurate multiplier on your account (20 points per dollar spent), Microsoft points not registering, or other odd account behavior, make sure you have gone through the Microsoft Rewards or Xbox sign in process. To access your Microsoft login, check here.

Be sure to tell them about the issues experienced with your Microsoft account and how it is impacting your Microsoft Xbox account and/or Microsoft Rewards account. The company should be motivated to solve your problem.

The content on is for informational and educational purposes only and should not be construed as professional financial advice. Should you need such advice, consult a licensed financial or tax advisor. References to products, offers, and rates from third party sites often change. While we do our best to keep these updated, numbers stated on this site may differ from actual numbers. We may have financial relationships with some of the companies mentioned on this website. Among other things, we may receive free products, services, and/or monetary compensation in exchange for featured placement of sponsored products or services. We strive to write accurate and genuine reviews and articles, and all views and opinions expressed are solely those of the authors.

With Xbox, both their Series X and Series S consoles support giving you rewards by simply playing on their consoles and earning Microsoft Reward Points. Conveniently, these earned points can then also be redeemed for free rewards directly from your Xbox.

You may want to look further into what Microsoft Rewards are outside of Xbox, with the service allowing users to earn points by doing everyday tasks, like searching on Bing or purchasing an item from the Microsoft Store.

But with Xbox in mind, you can earn Microsoft Reward Points by simply using your Xbox and playing games in specific ways. Here are some of the most common ways to earn Microsoft Reward Points on your Xbox:

Microsoft Reward Points act as a way for you to get something back for the time you spend on your Xbox aside from gaming alone. And by earning enough points, you can then go on to redeem your points for specific and rewarding Xbox products and services, but what rewards are available?

So with some of the most common ways to play on your Xbox supported by Microsoft Reward Points and earning you points as you play, you may want to know what rewards are actually available through Xbox. The redeemable rewards available through Microsoft Reward Points on Xbox are as follows:

With Xbox Game Pass intrinsically linked to Microsoft Reward Points and being available as a reward through the points scheme, earning points on Xbox adds to the reasons Xbox users should have Xbox Game Pass by allowing you to earn points and redeem free months of the service.

It's also important to note that when redeeming specific rewards, you may be given the option to set up Auto Redeem for your chosen reward. This means that once a month, if you have the necessary points, Xbox will auto-redeem your chosen reward and automatically take the Microsoft Reward Points from your account.

With Microsoft Reward Points supporting your gaming experience with Xbox, you can enjoy a plethora of rewards for supporting Xbox as a platform, improving your experience with Xbox, and providing you with free gaming-related items and services.

Microsoft Points, introduced in November 2005 as Xbox Live Points,[1] were a digital currency issued by Microsoft for use on its Xbox and Zune product lines. Points could be used to purchase video games and downloadable content from Xbox Live Marketplace, digital content such as music and videos on Zune Marketplace, along with content from Windows Live Gallery.[2]

Microsoft Points were sold online and through gift cards at retail outlets. In North America, points could only be purchased in 400 point increments. In the United States, the minimum 400 points cost $5 to purchase, 800 cost $10, while 1600 cost $20.[4]

The Microsoft Points system was criticized for being deceptive in terms of actual real-world cost, as well as for users often having to purchase more points at once than those they immediately needed. In his review of the Zune, Paul Thurrott argued that "a song on Zune typically costs 79 Microsoft Points, which, yes, is about 99 cents. But it seems to be less because it's just 79 Points."[5] Walter Mossberg also noted that "to buy even a single 99 cent song from the Zune store, you have to purchase blocks of "points" from Microsoft, in increments of at least $5. You can't just click and have the 99 cents deducted from a credit card, as you can with iTunes. So, even if you are buying only one song, you have to allow Microsoft to hold on to at least $4.01 of your money until you buy another."[6] 041b061a72


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