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Liam Edwards

R D Burman [FLAC-DUS] AuP Hindi Lossless

For downloading, you can use the FLACEncoder provided by the FLAC project to create a new lossless file out of the existing FLAC file. It is much faster than splitting the file. Both Audacity and the FLACEncoder can be found here:

R D Burman [FLAC-DUS] AuP Hindi Lossless


Hello everyone,As suggested by Kuldeepbhai, I am re-posting the below in this current blog. earlier I have posted in another stream of posts which was older one and as Kuldeep bhai mentioned, many of people would not check that.Please find the link of songs I have extracted from the Vinyl ripped in 24 bit album of Yeh Wada Raha 1982 movie SIDE A & B. The Single FLAC rip files each of Side A and B were originally shared by Deepakbhai and I downloaded long back.Since there is bit of work around to extract lossless single large FLAC file, I will keep on doing this for other albums too in due course.Kindly let me know if the links are perfectly working or not.I hope this will help you all to listen them separately and like them.Thanks Deepak bhai for original rip. Thanks Kuldeepbhai for informing me to post here.Regards,Mihir

With 5KPlayer, FLAC music playback is just as simple as playing MP3 and other common audio files. It is on the top 5 FLAC player for macOS list and is super directive, you can either drop the FLAC file to this FLACplayer or right click the file and then choose to open it with 5KPlayer. In addition to playing and download FLAC music, this FLAC player also plays other lossy and lossless music files such as MP3, AAC, OGG, WAV, WMA, AIFF, etc.


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