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SnagIt 9.0.2 Build 9 Full Version: Tips and Tricks for Effective Use

capture profilethe capture profile setting changes the way your screen capture looks. it allows you to choose from five different thumbnail size options. (check out the settings below.)large thumbnails:

SnagIt 9.0.2 Build 9 full version

the difference between the panoramic and scrolling window screen capture options is that the panoramic option allows you to control where on the screen the capture will be made. if you select the panoramic capture option, the "full width of the window" will be captured, but as with the region option, the process is sometimes choppy if the capture area is wide. to make a full screen capture smoothly, you might want to select the full screen option, which will capture only the area that is visible in the window.similarly, if your pages are large and scroll slowly, you might want to select the scrolling window option, which will capture the entire page while it scrolls.most of the time, the image option is the best option for capturing screenshots. however, if you want to capture a specific area of the screen, the region option is the best option. however, even if you select the full screen option, the capture area will still be smaller than the area you selected. if you are taking a screenshot of the entire screen, use the panoramic capture option.less common screen capture options in snagitthe block screen capture section is what youll use for text and images.the page or web page youre capturing can be captured or saved as a web page. and a lot of time, youll want to save the page as an.html file.

in addition to saving the web page, a.swf file will also be saved. creating a.swf is similar to creating a video. the only difference is that it will take up far less space. and the.swf will not be publicly viewable, unless the user saves it. if you want to be able to view the.swf outside of snagit, create the.swf, then go here and download the.swf file.hotspots in snagits screen capture optionone of the more complex screen capture options is the hotspots screen capture option. if you dont know what this option is for, please check out the previous section, titled, snagits screen capture option. the screen capture tool in snagit is like a photoshop layer for image capture. if you want to add hotspots to a picture or a web page, you can use the hotspots option to capture hotspots as if you were using a mouse. for instance, if you want to create some content for a web page, and you want to add hotspots to that page, you can use the hotspots option to easily create hotspots.


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