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ATV-DVWK-A 131E - The German Standard for Single-Stage Activated Sludge Plants

What is ATV-DVWK-A 131E and How to Download It?

ATV-DVWK-A 131E is a German standard for dimensioning of single-stage activated sludge plants. It was published by ATV-DVWK, which is a professional association for water, wastewater and waste management in Germany. It provides guidelines and criteria for designing and operating activated sludge plants that treat municipal or industrial wastewater. It covers aspects such as influent characteristics, process configuration, sludge production, oxygen demand, nutrient removal, hydraulic design, and control strategies. It is widely used by engineers and practitioners in Germany and other countries that follow the German approach to wastewater treatment.

Atv Dvwk A 131 E.pdfl


Why is ATV-DVWK-A 131E Important?

ATV-DVWK-A 131E is important because it reflects the state-of-the-art knowledge and experience in activated sludge technology. It helps to ensure the efficiency, reliability and sustainability of activated sludge plants. It also helps to comply with the legal requirements and environmental standards for wastewater discharge in Germany and the European Union. By following ATV-DVWK-A 131E, one can design and operate activated sludge plants that achieve high levels of organic matter removal, nitrogen removal, phosphorus removal, and sludge stabilization.

How to Download ATV-DVWK-A 131E?

ATV-DVWK-A 131E is available as a PDF file that can be downloaded from various websites that host technical documents. However, not all of these websites are reliable or safe. Some of them may contain malware or viruses that can harm your computer. Therefore, you should always download ATV-DVWK-A 131E from trusted sources that have positive reviews and ratings from other users. One of the websites that we recommend is, which is a reputable website that has been providing technical documents for various fields since 2015. You can use the link below to download ATV-DVWK-A 131E from

Download ATV-DVWK-A 131E from

How to Use ATV-DVWK-A 131E?

After you have downloaded ATV-DVWK-A 131E from, you will need to open it with a PDF reader software such as Adobe Acrobat Reader or Foxit Reader. You can then read and study the standard in detail and apply it to your specific project or case. You can also print or save the standard for future reference.

How to Learn More About ATV-DVWK-A 131E?

If you want to learn more about ATV-DVWK-A 131E and its background, history, development, and application, you can visit the official website of ATV-DVWK at There you can find more information about the association, its activities, publications, events, and membership. You can also contact ATV-DVWK directly by phone, fax, email, or mail if you have any questions or feedback.

We hope this article has helped you understand what ATV-DVWK-A 131E is and how to download it. If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below. ca3e7ad8fd


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