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Fluke Digital Multimeters (DMMs) are on more tool belts, finding more problems, than any other test tools. Each industrial meter is tested to the extreme: drop, shock, humidity, you name it. Every Fluke Digital Multimeter gives you what you need: accurate measurements; consistent, reliable performance; attention to safety; and the strongest warranty available.

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Below is a compiled list of two-digit serial-to-model numbers that cover known Roku boxes; no TVs or sound bars. The list is neither complete or 100% accurate, but it's an improvement to what has been posted online in the past. A more accurate list would have included three-digit serial numbers, but that makes the list much longer and more confusing. At the bottom of the list are the links to both Roku's hardware specifications and the Roku Wiki page for additional information on each model.

Our hope is to make the dating process and, in turn, the valuation as easy, accurate and transparent as possible. You should be able to use this guide to determine the year of your instrument and then consult the Reverb Price Guide to find its value, all for free.

Every patient's hearing needs are unique. With our latest updates to Inspire X, you have an even more personal, accurate way to fit your patients with Starkey's Prescriptive Fitting Package including a Feedback-Free Start, Multi-Channel Speech Optimization, Dedicated Music Compressor, Hearing Reality Pro, REM Target Match and Multiflex Tinnitus Pro. We strongly believe a precise fitting is critical to creating successful patient outcomes, which is why this system is integrated into all Starkey products.

The Series WBV residential, oil-fired boilers are available for use with both hot water and steam systems and designed for natural draft (chimney) venting. The fully-packaged or knockdown boilers are available in 3 sizes (3-5 sections) with 8 firing rates. Features of the Series WBV boilers include a full plate swing-out door and convertible rear to top flue outlet (for 3 and 4 section boilers only). Water boilers include Taco circulators and HydroStat reset controls with low water cut-off. Steam boilers include Honeywell operating controls and probe type low water cut-offs. A deluxe, insulated enameled steel jacket on all boilers reduces heat loss. The cast iron sections are assembled with steel push nipples and factory tested to assure a water tight seal.

Unfortunately, our records are not complete enough to provide precise dating information for many Fender acoustic guitars from the early 1960s through the 1970s and 1980s. Although the tables below are as accurate as possible, serial numbers of these acoustic guitars have never been archived and are of no assistance when attempting to date these instruments.

This news release is part of a series called the Tax Time Guide, a resource to help taxpayers file an accurate tax return. Additional help is available at or in Publication 17, Your Federal Income Tax (For Individuals).

New this year, the IRS sent Letter 6419, Advance Child Tax Credit Reconciliation, in January 2022 to help individuals reconcile and receive the full amount of their 2021 Child Tax Credit. This letter includes the total amount of the 2021 advance Child Tax Credit payments issued and the number of qualifying children used to calculate their advance payments. People need this important information to accurately claim the other half of the 2021 Child Tax Credit when filing their 2021 tax return and prevent delays in processing. The IRS reminds people to check this information carefully.

Most eligible people were already issued their third Economic Impact Payment and won't include any information about it when they file. However, people who didn't qualify for a third payment or did not receive the full amount may be eligible for the 2021 Recovery Rebate Credit based on their 2021 tax situation. They will need the total amount of their third Economic Impact Payment to file an accurate tax return to avoid a processing delay. Taxpayers can sign into their IRS Online Account to view the total amount of the third-round Economic Impact Payment or wait to receive IRS Letter 6475.

Get the perfect amount of overscan with the WallScreen 2 inch frame. The screen fabric is held in perfect tension with an adjustable, snap attachment system. Velux covers all visible surfaces and the frame arrives meticulously protected. The bracketing is intuitive, and installation is fast and accurate.

The Sigma series was imported from Japan (later from Korea and Taiwan) and available for sale at an affordable price point from 1970 - 2007. All Sigma guitars are constructed with laminated (ply) backs and sides. The Sigma series also included banjos and mandolins also constructed with laminated (ply) backs and sides. Martin Guitar did not keep Sigma serial number records. As such, Sigmas and Mandolins cannot be accurately dated.Back to Top

You can switch easily between types of wrap material, or types of strings - Marquis, SP, SP Flexible Core, etc. If you are changing more than one step in string gauge we recommend that you have the first change done professionally to ensure the set up remains comfortable, intonation accurate, and tone correct. For example, you if normally play lights you should be able to change to a custom light or medium light without issues. However a jump from light to medium or to extra light could affect playability or intonation.Back to Top

TS-808 The first Tube Screamer was the green TS-808overdrive pro in the late '70s. It was preceded by the Orange"Overdrive" and green "Overdrive-II" whichcame in narrower boxes without the battery cover, and the reddish"Overdrive-II" which had a box very similar to theTS-808. The lighter green OD-855 Overdrive-II is also in theTS-808 style box and has a circuit which is similar to the 808 -the board part numbers only differ by one digit. The overdriveand OD-II had a different, much more distorted, fuzzy circuit closeto a Big Muff. The TS-808 and its generation have small square metal on/offtouch-buttons. Almost all TS-808's sound great. There were someTS-808s made in the 1979 period, mostly for other than USAmarkets, that came in a narrower box. These have a bottom platethat unscrews to change the battery like an MXR pedal, no plasticbattery cover. This narrow TS-808 had a different circuit. It uses two 1458 chips which are the 1st versionof the low-tech dual op-amp. Also the LEVEL knob on these islabeled BALANCE and the external 9V power jack is on the side next to theinput jack. It used the same case as the earlier OVERDRIVE andOVERDRIVE-II pedals which used stomp switches. These had a circuit boardlabeled OD-801. This board can also be found in some old Maxon OD-808 OVERDRIVE pedals which had a TS808 style switch and a power jackon the side (not to be confused with the 2000-era Maxon OD808).Ibanez reissued the narrow TS-808 as the "35th Anniversary TS-808"in 2014. It is a very accurate reissue except they used JRC4558D chipsinstead of the 1458 chips. We have a mod to make these the same as the originals. Early TS-808's have the Ibanez (R) "trademark" logowhich some people seek. There is really no difference, althoughsome of these have a Malaysian Texas InstrumentsRC4558P chip instead of the normal Japanese JRC4558 chip. A rare chip usedwas the TL4558P chip, as used in some early 8-pin IC chip Boss OD-1 pedals.This is also Jim Weider's favorite chip in the King Of Tone pedal.Some of the early TS-808s also have a nut holding the power adaptor jack on, whilelater ones have no nut and a flush adaptor jack. It is notunusual for a TS-808 to have an undercoat of a different color(which can be seen in the ever-present corner chips). Tube Screamer Family Photo Here are some Ibanez pedals. The TS808s are seen in the middle. You can see one of the Narrow Euro TS-808 pedals, it's the leftmostof the TS-808s. Thetop row center 4 knob pedals are the ST9 Super Tube Screamers.At the top left are a pair of TS-10 pedals. The bottom left are SD9 Sonic Distortions. The bottom right is the original orangeIbanez Overdrive, with the slightly later OVERDRIVE-II on it'sleft, with the last version OVERDRIVE-II one more to the left.

The Model 7500 features advanced technologies from Nonin, such as PureSAT pulse oximetry technology for intelligent pulse-by-pulse filtering to provide accurate oximetry measurements, and PureLight sensor technology paired with a bright LED display and large display screen for clear readability.

We offer this Sketchup model as a 3D rendering of the XK-24 for viewing or planning purposes. Dimensions and details of the model, while reasonably accurate, should not be used for critical specifications.


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