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Icilongo Levangeli: The Ultimate Collection of Zulu Hymns

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icilongo levangeli hymn book download

What is Icilongo Levangeli Hymn Book

Icilongo Levangeli is a hymn book that contains Zulu hymns. Zulu is one of the official languages of South Africa and is spoken by about 12 million people. Zulu hymns are songs of praise and worship that express the faith and culture of the Zulu people. They are sung in churches, schools, weddings, funerals and other occasions.

Icilongo Levangeli hymn book was published by Mission Press in 2002. It has 278 pages and contains 300 hymns. The hymns are arranged in different categories, such as God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Salvation, Church, Prayer, Thanksgiving, Faith, Hope, Love and more. The hymn book also has an index of first lines and an alphabetical index of hymns.

Why Download Icilongo Levangeli Hymn Book

Downloading Icilongo Levangeli hymn book can have many benefits for you. Here are some of them:

  • You can access the hymn book anytime and anywhere on your device. You do not need to carry a physical copy or worry about losing it.

  • You can save money by downloading the hymn book for free instead of buying it from a store or online.

  • You can enjoy the beauty and richness of Zulu hymns and learn more about the Zulu language and culture.

  • You can share the hymn book with your friends and family and sing along with them.

  • You can enhance your spiritual life and grow closer to God by singing the hymns.

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Icilongo Levangeli is a Zulu hymn book that contains 300 hymns of praise and worship. It was published by Mission Press in 2002 and has 278 pages. If you want to download Icilongo Levangeli hymn book for free, you can use torrents or streaming platforms. However, you should use a VPN to protect yourself from online threats and legal troubles. Downloading Icilongo Levangeli hymn book can help you access the hymns anytime and anywhere, save money, enjoy the Zulu hymns and culture, share the hymns with others and enhance your spiritual life.

Icilongo Levangeli is a hymn book that will inspire you and uplift you. It is a hymn book that will connect you with God and with the Zulu people. b99f773239


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